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The community sector, and the governmental sector that we deal with, has a weakness for acronyms - an alphabet soup of initials covering departments, management fads, and quangos (q.v.). A full list would be almost infinitely long, but these are the ones most likely to come up in your meeting papers.

A&E Accident and Emergency

AA Alzheimer's Australia

AAFCD Australian Association for Families of Children with a Disability

AAGP Australian Association of General Practitioners

AAT Administrative Appeals Tribunal

AAV Aboriginal Affairs Victoria

ABARE Australian Bureau of Agriculture Resources and Energy

ABC Australian Broadcasting Commission

ABC Australian Broadcasting Corporation

ABF Australian Brain Foundation Inc

ABMDR Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry

ABN Australian Business Number

ABS Australian Bureau of Statistics

ACA Australian Consumers' Association

ACAA Aged Care Association Australia

ACAC Aged Care Advisory Committee

ACC Australian Copyright Council

ACC Australian Crime Commission

ACCC Australian Casemix Clinical Committee

ACCC Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

ACCCN Australian College of Critical Care Nurses

ACCN Australian Council of Community Nursing

ACCNS Australian Council of Community Nursing Services

ACD Australasian College of Dermatologists

ACDON Australian Council of Deans of Nursing

ACEM Australasian College for Emergency Medicine

ACF Aged Care Facility

ACHA Australian Community Health Association

ACHP-RU Australian Centre for Health Promotion Research Unit

ACHS Australian Council on Health Care Standards

ACHSE Australasian College of Health Service Executives

ACIAR Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research

ACICA Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration

ACM Australian Medical Council

ACM Inc Australian College of Midwives

ACON AIDS Council of NSW

ACORN Australian College of Operating Room Nurses

ACOSS Australian Council of Social Services

ACPA Australian Community Pharmacy Authority

ACPAC Aged Care Planning Advisory Committees

ACPM Australian College of Psychological Medicine

ACPR Aged Care Payments Redevelopment

ACPSEM Australasian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine

ACROD National Industry Associatio for Disability Services

ACRRM Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine

ACS Aged Care Systems

ACS Australian Customs Service

ACSAA Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency

ACSHP Australasian College of Sexual Health Physicians

ACSI Australian Communications-Electronic Security Instructions

ACSQHC Australian Council for Safety and Quality in Health Care

ACSRG Aged Care Systems Reference Group

ACT Australian Capital Territory

ACTO ACT Office (State Office)

ACTU Australian Council of Trade Unions

ACWG Aged Care Working Group

ADA Australian Dental Association

ADA Australian Digital Alliance

ADAC Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council (SA Inc)

ADACAS ACT Disability, Aged & Carer Advocacy Service (ACT)

ADC Aboriginal Development Commission (disbanded when ATSIC created)

ADCA Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia

ADEC Australian Drug Evaluation Committee

ADF Australian Drug Foundation

ADGP Australian Divisions of General Practice (now AGPN)

ADHD Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder

ADIA Australian Diagnostic Imaging Association

ADL Activities of Daily Living

ADMG Australian Disaster Management Group

ADR Alternative Dispute Resolution

ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

AEMC Australian Emergency Management Committee

AERF Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation Foundation

AFAO Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations

AFDA Administrative Functions Disposal Authority

AFDO Australian Federation of Disability Organisations

AFFA Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Australia

AFMW Australian Federation of Medical Women

AFP Australian Federal Police

AFRM Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine

AFS Audited Financial Statement

AFTA ASEAN Free Trade Area

AG Attorney-General

AGCA Australian Guidance and Counselling Association

AGDRC Australian Government Disaster Recovery Committee

AGHS Australian Government Health Service

AGHS Australian Government Health Services (now Health Services Australia)

AGPS Australian Government Publishing Service (defunct)

A-Gs Attorney-General's Department

AGS Australian Government Solicitor

AHA Australian Healthcare Association

AHC Aboriginal Health Council

AHC Australian Hepatitis Council

AHEC Australian Health Ethics Committee

AHIA Australian Health Insurance Association

AHIC Australian Health Information Council

AHMAC Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council

AHMC Australian Health Ministers Conference

AHMC Australian Health Ministers Conference

AHPA Australian Health Promotion Association

AHRC Aboriginal Health Resource Cooperative

AHS Aboriginal Health Services

AHTCC Australian High Tech Crime Commission

AHURI Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute

AICAFMA Australian Infant, Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health Association

AIDA Australian Indigenous Doctor's Association

AIDAB Australian International Development Assistance Bureau

AIDC Australian Industry Development Corporation

AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

AIEA Agence Internationale Energie Atomique

AIFS Australian Institute of Family Studies

AIGC Australian Indigenous Geographical Classification

AIHW Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

AIJA Australian Institute of Judicial Administration

AIMS Australian Independent Medical Services

AIPC Australian Institute for Primary Care

AIPPI International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property

AIR Australian Institute of Radiography

AIRC Australian Industrial Relations Commission

AIS Australian Institute of Sport

ALGA Australian Local Government Association

ALP Australian Labor Party

ALRC Australian Law Reform Commission

ALS Aboriginal Legal Service

AM Member of the Order of Australia

AMA Australian Medical Association

ANAO Australian National Audit Office

ANC Australian Nursing Council

ANF Australian Nursing Federation

ANGOSA Association of Non Government Organisations of South Australia

ANHECA Australian Nursing Home and Extended Care Association

ANL Australian National Line

ANTA Australian National Training Authority

ANTaR Australians for Native Title and Recognition

ANU Australian National University

ANZABI Australian and New Zealand Association of Business Incubators

ANZCA Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists

ANZCMHN Australian and New Zealand College of Mental Health Nurses

ANZSPM Australian and New Zealand Society of Palliative Medicine

AO Officer of the Order of Australia

AOC Australian Olympic Committee

AOD Alcohol and Other Drugs

APAC Australian Pharmaceutical Advisory Council

APAIS Australian Public Affairs Information Service

APCCP Australian Primary Care Consumer Partnerships

APDC Australian Psychiatric Disability Coalition

APEC Asia - Pacific Economic Cooperation

APHA Australian Private Hospitals Association

APHCRI Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute

APMA Australian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association

APMC Australasian Police Ministers Council

APNA Australian Practice Nurses Association

APS Australian Public Service

APS Australian Public Service

APSC Australian Public Service Commission

APSF The Australian Patient Safety Foundation

AQIS Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service

AQIS Australian Quarantine Inspection Service

ARACY Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth

ARAFMI Association of Relatives and Friends of the Mentally Ill

ARC Australian Research Council

ARCBS Australian Red Cross Blood Service

ARCHI Australian Resource Centre for Hospital Innovation

ARCSHS Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society

ARHEN Australian Rural Health Education Network

ARIA Accessibility/Remoteness Index of Australia

AROC Australasian Rehabilitation Outcomes Centre

ARRWAG Australian Rural and Remote Workforce Agencies Group

ART Assisted Reproductive Technology

ARTG Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods

ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations

ASGC Australian Standard Geographical Classification

ASH Action on Smoking and Health

ASHM Australasian Society for HIV Medicine

ASHNA Australian Sexual Health Nurses Association

ASIC Australian Securities and Investments Commission

ASIC Aviation Security Identification Card

ASIO Australian Security Intelligence Organisation

ASIS Australian Secret Intelligence Service

ASMOF Australian Salaried Medical Officers Federation

ASPS Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons

ASSERT Australian Society for Sex Educators, Researchers and Therapists

ASSID Australian Society for the Study of Intellectual Disability

ASUM Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine

ATO Australian Tax Office

ATSI Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

ATSIC (former) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission

ATSIWG Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Working Group

AUD Australian Urban Divisions [of General Practice]

AuDA Australian Domain Administration

AusAID Australian Agency for International Development

AWA Australian Workplace Agreement

AWB Australian Wheat Board

AWBC Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation

AWE Average weekly earnings

AYE Average yearly earnings

BIE Bureau of Industry Economics

BSE Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy

BTCE Bureau of Transport and Communication Economics

CA Cancer Australia

CA Carers Australia

CAA Carers Association of Australia

CAAC Central Australian Aboriginal Congress

CAAMA Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association

CALD Culturally and Linguistically Diverse

CAR Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation

CARPA Central Australian Rural Practitioners Association

CBA Cost-benefit Analysis

CBA Cost-benefit Analysis

CBD Central Business District

CBD Central Business District

CBR Chemical, biological, radiological

CCTV Closed Circuit Television

CE Chief Executive

CEO Chief Executive Officer

CFO Chief Financial Officer

CJD Civil Justice Division

CJD Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

CLAP Cleft Lip and Palate

CLC Central Land Council

CLC Community Legal Centres

CLCs Community Legal Centres

COAG Council of Australian Governments

COI Conflict of Interest

COTA Council on the Ageing

CPI Consumer Price Index

CPI Consumer Price Index

CPSU Community and Public Sector Union

CRM Client Relations Manager

CRS Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service

CSDA Commonwealth State/Territory Disability Agreement

CSHA Commonwealth State Housing Agreement

CSL Commonwealth Serum Laboratories

CSMAC Community Services Ministers' Advisory Council

CSMC Community Services Ministerial Council

CSO Community Service Obligationt

CSS Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme

CSSS Community Sector Support Scheme

CSTDA Commonwealth, State/Territory Disability Agreement

CSU Charles Sturt University

CTO Community Treatment Order

CVS Community Visitors Scheme

DALE Disability Adjusted Life Expectancy

DALYs Disability Adjusted Life Years

DAS Department of Administrative Services

DASC Drug and Alcohol Services Council

DCA Department of Communications and the Arts

DCHS Department of Health and Community Services

DCITA Department of Communication, Information Technology and the Arts

DCSH (former) Department of Community Services and Health

DEETYA Department of Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs

DEN Drug Education Network

DEST Department of Education, Science and Training

DETYA Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs (later DEST)

DEWR Department of Employment, Workplace Relations

DFAT Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

DGP Divisions of General Practice

DH Department of Health

DHA Department of Health and Ageing (use DoHA)

DHAC Department of Health and Aged Care (now Department of Health and Ageing)

DHFS Department of Health and Family Services (since renamed)

DHHLGS (former) Department of Health, Housing, Local Government and Community Services

DHHS Department of Health & Human Services

DHRD Department of Housing and Regional Development

DHS Department of Human Services (since renamed)

DIA Drug Information Association

DIMA Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (formerly DIMIA)

DIMIA Department of Immigration, Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (since renamed)

DITR Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources

DNA Deoxyribonucleic acid

DoFA Department of Finance and Administration

DoHA Department of Health and Ageing

DOPIE Department of Primary Industries and Energy

DoT Department of Transport

DOTRS Department of Transport and Regional Services

DPIE Department of Primary Industries and Energy

DPP Director of Public Prosecutions

DSM-IV Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th edition

DSS Department of Social Security (since renamed)

DVA Department of Veterans' Affairs

EFTA European Free Trade Association

EFTPOS Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale

EOI Expression of Interest

EPA Environment Protection Authority

EPAC Economic Planning Advisory Council

EPBC Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation

ESC English speaking countries

ETS Environmental Tobacco Smoke

EU European Union

FaCS Department of Family and Community Services

FaCSIA Department of Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

FBT Fringe Benefits Tax

FCA Family Court of Australia

FECCA Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia

FESA Fire and Emergency Services Authority

FNQ Far North Queensland

FOI Freedom Of Information

FOI Freedom of Information

FPA Family Planning Association

FTE Full Time Equivalent

FYR Former Yugoslav Republic (of)

GDP Gross Domestic Product

GDP Gross Domestic Product

GLBT Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual and Transgender

GM Genetically Modified

GMO Genetically Modified Organism

GNP Gross National Product

GP General Practitioner

GPSA General Practice Society of Australia

GST Goods and Services Tax

GUI Graphic User Interface

HAC Health and Aged Care (Department of )

HACC Home and Community Care

HACSU Health and Community Services Union

HACSU Health and Community Services Union

HFS Department of Health and Family Services (name changed)

HHLGCS (former) Department of Health, Housing, Local Government and Community Services

HIC Health Insurance Commission (now Medicare Australia)

HICOA Head Injury Council of Australia

HIRC Health Inequalities Research Collaboration

HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus

HIV/AIDS Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

HR Human Relations

HREOC Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission

HRH Her/His Royal Highness

HSUA Health Services Union of Australia

HSWCS Health & Social Welfare Councils

HTML Hypertext Markup Language

IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency

ICC International Criminal Court

ICD International Classification of Diseases

ICDH International Classification of Disability and Handicaps

ICJ International Court of Justice

ICU Intensive Care Unit

IDC Interdepartmental Committee

IMF International Monetary Fund

IP Intellectual Property

IPA Institute of Public Affairs

IPA Independent Practitioner Association (NZ)

IPAA Institute of Public Administration Australia

IT Information technology

IVF In-Vitro Fertilisation

JCU James Cook University

JETCAR Joint Expert Technical Committee on Antibiotic Resistance

KPI Key Performance Indicator

KRA Key Results Area

LAN Local Area Network

LBW Low birthweight

LCA Law Council of Australia

LGA Local Government Area

MDO Medical Defence Organisation

MHCA Mental Health Council of Australia

MIPS Million Instructions per Second

MOU Memorandum of Understanding

MOU Memorandum of Understanding

MOW Meals on Wheels

MP Member of Parliament

MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging

NAA National Archives of Australia

NAIDOC National Aboriginal and Islander Day of Observance Committee

NAPWA National Association of People with HIV/AIDS

NATSIHC National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Council

NCA National Crime Authority

NCID National Council on Intellectual Disability

NCOSS Council of Social Service of New South Wales

NENA National Enrolled Nurses Association

NESB Non-English-speaking background

NESB Non-English Speaking Background

NESC Non-English Speaking Countries

NFP Not-for-profit

NGA National Gallery of Australia

NGCSOs Non-Government Community Service Organisations

NGO Non-governmental association

NHF National heart Foundation

NLC Northern Land Council

NOIE National Office for the Information Economy

NSW New South Wales

NT Northern Territory

NZ New Zealand

OAA Optometrists Assocation of Australia

OHS Occupational health & safety

ONA Office of National Assessments

OSS Open Source Software

OT Occupational Therapy

OTC Over-the-counter

PAYE Pay as you earn

PBS Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

PC Personal Computer

PDA Private Doctor's Association

PHAA Public Health Association of Australia Inc.

PM&C Prime Minister and Cabinet

PNG Papua New Guinea

PTSD Post-traumatic stress disorder

QC Queen's Counsel

QCOSS Queensland Council of Social Services

QoL Quality of Life

Quango Quasi non-governmental organisation

QUT Queensland University of Technology

RACGP Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

RACMA Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators

RACOG Royal Australian College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

RACP Royal Australasian College of Physicians

RACS Royal Australian College of Surgeons

RANZCO Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists

RANZCOG Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

RANZCP Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists

RANZCR Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists

RBA Reserve Bank of Australia

RCGP Royal College of General Practitioners

RCNA Royal College of Nursing of Australia

RCPA Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia

RCT Randomised Controlled Trail

RDAA Rural Doctors Association of Australia

RDGAC Research and Development Grants Advisory Committee

RDNS Royal District Nursing Service

RFDS Royal Flying Doctor Service

RFP Request for Proposal

RFQ Request For Quotation

RFT Request for Tender

RMIT Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

SA South Australia

SBS Special Broadcasting Service

SES Socio-economic status

SIDS Sudden infant death syndrome

SME ` Small or Medium Enterprise

SPSS Statistical Package for Social Science

SPSS Statistical Package for the Social Sciences

STI Sexually Transmitted Infection

TAFE Technical and Further Education

TAOS Tobacco, Alcohol and Other Substances

ToR Terms of Reference

TQI Total Quality Improvement

TQM Total Quality Management

UN United Nations

UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation

UNICEF United Nations Children's Fund

UNSW University of New South Wales

USA United States of America

UV Ultraviolet

VCOSS Victorian Council of Social Services

VHPF Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (also known as VicHealth)

WA Western Australia

WHO World Health Organisation

WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction

WOG Whole of Government

WTO World Trade Organization

YTD Year to Date

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