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Securing funding

It's the board's role to ensure there is enough money coming in for the organisation to operate effectively.

The very best place to go for help is Our Community's Funding Centre. The Funding Centre provides get information on grants and fundraising, including a grants database listing more than 2500 live grants at any one time, as well as help sheets and fundraising tools.

GiveNow.com.au is another good option for not-for-profit groups wanting to collect donations from supporters.

We will also posted below help sheets and articles dealing specifically with the board's role in fundraising.

Help sheets


  • Funding Centre - Australia's best grants and fundraising hub (an Our Community enterprise)
  • GiveNow.com.au - Commission-free online donations (an Our Community Foundation enterprise)


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  • Diploma in Business (Governance) BSB50715
    Australia's only diploma in not-for-profit governance
  • Tailored training programs can also be designed and delivered to meet your needs. We deliver training on many topics and can deliver training at a time and place that suits your community, and your budget.

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