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July 2017: In the chair, the hot seat edition.

Welcome to Board Builder, the membership publication of the Institute of Community Directors Australia.

In this edition, we explore how to get everyone pulling in the same direction, without the chair having to do all the heavy lifting. If you like this preview, become a member and read the full edition. Details below.

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May 2017: The (free) hot topics edition 

Usually, this quarterly newsletter is for members-only, but we've unlocked the gates to show you what you're missing.  In this edition, we've gleaned lessons from the hottest topics from our annual conference.

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February 2017: The social enterprise toolkit

Social enterprises are becoming more common in Australia, but what are the lessons for not-for-profits? A good place to start is with Our Community founder Denis Moriarty, whose work as a social entrepreneur has shown the way for many others. Here's an interview with him that appears in the February 2017 "Board Builder" newsletter, available in full to members of the Institute of Community Directors Australia.

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