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Ethi-call: operators standing by to take your call

Should my community group accept a much- needed sponsorship offer from a business that doesn't share our values? Should I tell our staff that the organisation is considering redundancies? - or should I at least tell the person who's about to apply for a home loan? Is it okay to breach a client's privacy by sharing information I have about her if I think it will protect her from harm?

Ethical dilemmas confront all of us from time to time, and not-for-profit staff, board members, clients and volunteers are no exception.

Anyone seeking expert, impartial guidance to work through an issue from an ethical perspective can contact Ethi-call, a free, independent, national helpline available to all.

When you speak to an Ethi-call counsellor, you'll be talking to someone trained to take you through a series of questions that will help shine a light on the problem you're trying to solve. They won't give you the answers, but they will provide tools you can use to get to a decision that's right for your circumstances.

This decision making process is unique to The Ethics Centre, making it the only service of its kind in the world.

Ethi-call is available day and night, seven days a week. Anyone can book an appointment for a private one-hour call.

Visit www.ethi-call.com.

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