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How to make a leader

Leadership can make or break an organisation.

Poor leadership can be costly, destroying your income, your reputation and your mission. Stories of failures of leadership abound in the media and have reached a crescendo in recent royal commissions into banking and institutional child abuse.

Not-for-profits aren’t immune to failures of leadership, with some caught up in these inquiries. And you don’t have to cast your mind far to think of other examples.

Great leadership, on the other hand, can bring people together, increase your organisation’s positive impact, and change the world, or at least your corner of it.

Not-for-profits are arguably even more reliant than corporates – given their limited resources – on leaders who are creative, decisive and ethically sound. There are many other qualities some would say are non-negotiable when it comes to strong leadership.

Are great leaders, then, born or made? What leadership qualities are inherent, and what can be cultivated? Most importantly, how can they be cultivated?

Drawn from a bumper edition of Community Directors Intelligence (July 2018), we've distilled a series of leadership insights you can act on. We present international research and analysis about “shared leadership”, an examination of effective strategic leadership, the views of leaders in ethical practice, on-the-ground commentary from community workers, our own philosophical musings, and a whole lot more – all of it aimed at helping to make you a better leader.

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DOWNLOAD: How to make a leader, special edition, July 2018  (PDF 4.5 MB, members only)
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