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Finding the Best People

The essential steps for recruiting a great Chief Executive or Coordinator for your community group

What happens when your CEO or coordinator leaves? How do you go about finding a new one and - more importantly - one that is suited to your organisation? This book details in practical terms how you can ensure you find the best possible person for your organisation. From determining the type of leader you want through to advertising, interviewing and evaluating your candidates and appointing your CEO, this resource will help you through what is often the most difficult and stressful time for community organisations.

Topics covered in this book:


  • Managing the transition
    • Keeping staff informed
    • Appointing an interim CEO
    • Forming a Board search committee
    • Keeping the community informed
    • Consolidating the corporate memory
    • Hiring Process timeline
    • Special cases: Replacing a founder
  • Taking Stock
    • Reviewing your strategic plan
    • Being specific
    • Private or community sector experience?
  • The Position Description
    • The CEO as leader/visionary
    • The CEO as effective, efficient manager
    • Sample job description
    • Remuneration
  • Developing a hiring strategy
    • Building a candidate profile
    • In-house or paid consultants?
    • Advertising the position
    • Personnel and legal issues
    • Appointing a selection panel
  • Shortlisting the applicants
    • Initial Screening
    • Second Screening
    • Internal candidates
    • Confidentiality issues
  • Interviews
    • Interview structure
    • Interviewing techniques
    • Rating the interviews
  • Final selection
    • Checking references
    • The offer
  • What Next?
    • Welcomes and Introductions
    • Planning for departures
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