Epidemic & Pandemic Policy

From time to time infectious diseases develop into epidemics or pandemics, and create increased risks for the community. These occasions require specific policies targeted at the particular disease in question and general efforts at preparedness.

The purpose of this policy sample is to outline the strategies and actions that your organisation intends to take to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases that are epidemics or pandemics and control the transmission of infectious diseases when a case/s is identified.

These policy & procedure samples is not intended to override any industrial instrument, contract, award or legislation.

Download a copy of this sample and edit to suit your organisation's needs.

Last updated November 2021

Terms of Use: This policy is free for any not-for-profit organisation to download and use, so long as it is for a non-commercial purpose and that the organisation is not paying a consultant to carry out this work. Click here for our full copyright guidelines. Please note that this is a sample policy for guidance purposes only.

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