ICDA Leadership White Paper

Leading with Purpose

Leadership lessons from the front line of the not-for-profit sector

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This white paper brings together the collective wisdom of nine highly experienced and motivated senior leaders in the not-for-profit sector. Each member of the Community Directors Council (the Institute of Community Directors Australia’s advisory body) shares their personal insights about what they have learned from their time spent on the front line of for-purpose organisations and offers advice on how their experience can help emerging leaders to perform at the highest level.

Effective leadership is a vital but often misunderstood and underrated ingredient in the success – or otherwise – of any organisation.

For small community-based footy teams striving to win a premiership, for purpose-driven not-for-profit organisations advocating for the homeless, and for global corporations turning over millions of dollars in annual profit, having the right people in place to make the right decisions at the right time is crucial.

Yet getting this right can’t be taken for granted.

Research by the United States career search company Zippia found that less than half (48%) of employees viewed their company’s leadership as “high quality.”

Further, just one tenth of people were judged to possess qualities that made them natural leaders. About 20% displayed qualities of basic managerial talent that could be nurtured toward high-quality leadership.

These statistics don’t have to be predictive, however.

There is a wealth of research and data about what constitutes effective, ethical leadership and how to go about achieving it.

Just as important, though, is personal experience.

Who better to ask about the qualities of good leadership and its importance in any organisation than leaders themselves?

In this white paper, we canvas the diverse views of nine members of the Community Directors Council (the Institute of Community Directors Australia’s advisory body).

Each member a highly experienced and respected leader willing to share what they have learned from their years on the front line of for-purpose organisations.

Their reflections cover six broad topics that collectively cover what it takes to be an effective leader in any organisation:

  1. Leadership theory

  2. Leadership and ethics

  3. Leadership through change

  4. Leadership and yourself

  5. Leadership and management

  6. Leading through strategy and culture.

From the importance of ethical leadership, to bringing employees along with you on the strategic journey, to what motivates good leaders, each contributor provides valuable tips, advice and points to ponder on all aspects of the leadership journey.

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