Institute of Community Directors Australia: Impact Report 2022

In 2022, the Institute of Community Directors Australia built on its success of previous years, with highlights including increased funding diversity and program delivery. Funding streams included Commonwealth Government, NSW Government, Victorian Government, and training for boards, staff and private individuals.

ICDA recognises the governance challenges facing the boards of many small and medium not-for-profit organisations and the severe financial constraints on their access to documents and information such as policies, procedures, grant acquisition support and strategy. Accordingly, ICDA added to its free online library of policies, tools and resources in 2022.

ICDA delivered training in 2022 in a number of formats. For example, in online interactive sessions, trainers were able to run activities, deliver information and answer questions, and in lecture-style sessions, participants could ask questions through text but not participate in the discussion. Other formats included lectures by specialists as part of the Festival of Community Directors and the Communities in Control conference.

NFP leaders and board members had access to compact courses, or online self-paced courses featuring written information, video and quizzes, on topics such as getting grants and preparing to join a board.

In 2022, ICDA reached 16,469 course participants (54% increase from 2021) from across Australia through 242 programs (36% increase from 2021).

This report provides more information about what ICDA delivers, how we deliver it, and the impact it had on participants in 2022.

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