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Helping the not-for-profit sector to survive, reinvent and sustain.


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These are unprecedented and difficult times ...

We’re giving the not-for-profit sector free and affordable access to a library of capacity building resources to help you cope with the ongoing impact of covid-19.

It’s time to survive, reinvent and sustain!

You'll find a variety of help here including research, covid-19 news, trusted sources, policy templates, guides and free webinars. These will help you work out how your preparations compare with others in the sector, and help give you an overview of the challenges ahead. We continue to update this page with resources as they are made available.

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Help Sheets

Scroll through 20+ COVID-19-focused help sheets | More ICDA Tools & Resources


The Big Rethink

Fundraising in the era of COVID-19

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Latest covid-19 news and comment


Community Sector Impact Survey


These are the policies you're most likely to need to help you manage the pandemic | More from the Policy Bank


Webinars: Watch live or on-demand | More webinars we like in 'Trusted Sources'

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COVID-19 Research Hub

How not-for-profits and the community are affected

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Ask Agony Uncle

Got a question about COVID-19 and NFPs?

The coronavirus crisis is throwing up all sorts of curly governance questions for community groups and not-for-profits. Is our conservation group allowed to make a donation to coronavirus research even though it’s not part of our mission? If our 80-year-old volunteers insist on continuing to work, are we liable if they catch the virus? Can our group just hibernate until this is all over?

Our Community’s Agony Uncle, aka thinker in residence Chris Borthwick, is here to help. Submit your question below, and if he can help, we’ll share his response here. We won’t publish your name or any information that could be used to identify your organisation without your permission.

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Trusted sources

Where to find help for not-for-profits trying to cope with COVID-19

Here you’ll find curated resources for not-for-profits and community groups affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Those resources comprise information to help guide your immediate response, recovery and long-term survival.

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