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Tackling climate change

Understanding, preparing for and adapting to climate change.


Floods, droughts, heatwaves, supply chain disruption, mass population shifts – these are no longer things we have to prepare for but things we are now experiencing.

Climate change is a serious governance issue for Australian not-for-profits. It affects everything from workforce planning to funding to the safety of people and physical properties. It has to be understood, planned for, responded to. Community leaders have a responsibility to ensure their organisations are ready.

This ICDA mini-site is designed to help you understand, prepare for and adapt to climate change, and act now to cut your own greenhouse gas emissions.

Key help sheets to explore


Climate change grant funding

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Valuable tools


Environmental Sustainability Policy

Carbon emissions calculator

Carbon Emissions Calculator

Green electricity guide

Greenpeace Green Electricity Guide

Co2 planet

Training on offer

Climate Change Resilience Compact Course: tools to help you develop a "Climate Change Action Plan"

Tools to help you develop a Climate Change Action Plan to protect environmentally sensitive land and assets and manage risk and resource allocation.

Climate Action Diploma of Governance Scholarships

Climate change is the defining issue of our times. To achieve meaningful action on climate change, we need advocates who are fearless, skilled, knowledgeable and connected. The Climate action round of the Our Community diversity scholarships has been created to equip advocates for climate change action with the skills, knowledge, experience and connections they need to lead.

Learn more about the scholarships.

Submissions close at midnight 31 December 2023 (AEDT).

Informative Publications

Greening the Not for profit Sector promo

Greening the Not-for-Profit Sector

Going Green promo

Going Green: Putting policies and procedures into practice

Top10 Climate

Ten Questions every board director needs to ask about climate change

Top10 ESG

Ten questions every board director needs to ask about ESG

Innovative Partners

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Are you focused on land conservation, community resilience or community engagement? This national volunteer network helps communities build fire and flood resilience.
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