Cyber security self-assessment tool for community organisations

Maintaining a high level of cyber security awareness is part of the board’s fiduciary duty, which requires it to act in the best interest of the organisation.

Cyber security awareness is vital for the protection of the organisation’s beneficiaries, staff, finances, reputation and brand. Cost-effective measures that the board can take to protect these assets fall into six categories: accountability, decision-making, education, culture, access and policies.

The most vulnerable aspect of your cybersecurity systems is your humans. User accidents and errors are very common, so the importance of documentation, awareness and culture for your organisation’s cyber safety cannot be overstated.

Our self-assessment tool consists of 24 tasks or statements. For each item, assess how much progress your organisation has made towards that item. Is the task not yet commenced, in progress or complete?

Then, as you complete each task, tick it off the list. Make notes as you progress.

Keep in mind that cyber threats change regularly, and the technology your organisation uses will change too. Unless cyber security appears on the board’s agenda regularly, your organisation will remain at risk, so you should repeat this self-assessment annually or at whatever interval your board deems appropriate.

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