Webinar: Attracting and recruiting the best candidates

Date: 10 Feb 2022


One of the greatest challenges facing organisations in the not-for-profit sector is the ability to attract, recruit and retain great employees and directors.

Many smaller community organisations don't have the resources to manage the recruitment process, which is why ICDA is offering a special HR webinar which will cover all these topics:

  • Preparing to recruit: what do we need?
  • Writing a detailed position description
  • Preparing a great job advertisement
  • Applying a gender lens to your recruitment processes
  • Screening and shortlisting
  • Planning and conducting an Interview
  • Reference checking
  • Letters of engagement: is our offer legal?

Want to include a book?

Spend an extra $25 and receive a copy of the accompanying title from the Our Community library, Recruiting for Your Not-for-Profit (valued at $36).

This webinar will take place live on

Thursday February 10, 2022, from 1pm to 2pm AEDT.


Institute of Community Directors Australia members: $70 (inc GST)

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Non-member price: $80 (inc GST)

What's a webinar?

A webinar is a seminar that's conducted over the internet.

Viewers watch a remote presentation on their own screens at a set broadcast time and can participate by typing and submitting questions they would like answered by the presenter.

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Why webinars work

You'll learn at a time that suits you
If you can't join us at the scheduled time, we will automatically send you a recording you can watch at your own pace.

You can ask your burning questions
Our webinars include a 45-minute presentation followed by a 15-minute interactive Q&A session where you'll call the shots. You do so by typing your questions during the webinar.

You don't need an IT degree
There's no complicated software involved. You just need a reliable internet connection to participate. We'll email you instructions at each step too. Simple!

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