Building from purpose: Unlocking the power of Australia’s not-for-profit sector

Date: 21 Mar 2022

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Building leadership capability is crucial to strengthening the effectiveness of organisations and delivery in the not-for-profit sector.

That's why we're working with McKinsey to ensure that the sector's leaders have access to the knowledge, tools and resources required to make them the best leaders they can possibly be.

To kick-start this, we're hosting a webinar which will look at the findings from the recent McKinsey report, Building from Purpose: Unlocking the power of Australia’s not-for-profit sector, which offers tangible ideas on how to strengthen leadership capabilities within the sector.

In this webinar, leaders of McKinsey & Company's social sector practice Roland Dillon and Eleanor Brown will explore the findings from the research, including key strengths and opportunities for growth, ideas for cross-sector collaboration and how participants can use this research to start conversations with their Boards, funders, employees, and stakeholders on improving their organisation’s health to maximise performance and unlock potential.

Have your say! We will be conducting a survey at the end of the session to hear from leaders in the sector about where they most need help with building their capacity as a leader. This survey will help guide future activities in this area.

This Webinar took place live on:

Monday, March 21, 2022, 1pm–2pm AEDT



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