Playful Negotiation (Webinar)

Date: 27 Jul 2022


Negotiating is a skill that many of us need but often struggle with.

Negotiation doesn't have to be painful, and in this interactive webinar, Daniel Teitelbaum will uncover creative ways to enjoy negotiation.

In this webinar, you'll learn about different negotiation styles (including your own) and discover how they impact your interactions. You'll find out about behaviours to avoid and discover methods that will lead to better negotiation outcomes for everyone. You’ll leave this session with a grounded perspective and fresh skills to negotiate better in your personal life, with your team and your clients.

This Webinar will take place live on:

Wednesday, July 27, 2022 from 1pm to 2pm AEST


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Non-member price: $80 (inc GST)

About the presenter:

Daniel Teitelbaum, Play Facilitator at Playful Thinking

Daniel Teitelbaum is the lead facilitator at Playful Thinking, an organisation that exists to discover playful tools in education, game design, theatre, philosophy, psychology and science to apply to the challenges of modern organisations. Daniel studied Philosophy, Law and Theatre Studies at Monash University, is a radio broadcaster on 3RRR and features weekly on ABC 774 afternoons with Jacinta Parsons. Daniel is a comedy cabaret performer, an Associate Teacher of Design at Monash University and Chair of the Board for Tiny Non-Profit, an organisation dedicated to sustainable living and dignified housing for all Australians.

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