Outcomes for grantseekers, part 1

Date: 23 Nov 2022

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Grantseekers, watch the recording of this FREE webinar to understand what an outcome is, how it differs from an output, and why it matters.

More and more funders are asking grantseekers to measure the outcomes of their programs.

If you’ve struggled to understand the difference between an outcome and an output or activity, you’re not alone. A recent analysis of data from the grant application software tool SmartyGrants has revealed that applicants commonly mistake outcomes for activities and objectives.

With outcomes measurement now required by most funders, applicants need to be able to articulate their program’s intended outcomes to make an appealing case for funding.

Join SmarytGrants’ chief impact officer, Jen Riley, for a free webinar that will answer these questions:

  1. What are outcomes, and what is an outcomes mindset?
  2. What's the difference between objectives, outputs and outcomes?
  3. What's the relationship between a theory of change, outcomes and activities?

This webinar is the first of a two-part series which aims to help grantseekers understand outcomes and how to measure them.

Part one will focus on what an outcome is, and part two on measuring outcomes.

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