Webinar: Changes to model rules for incorporated associations in Victoria and the ACT

Date: 01 Feb 2024

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Changes to the model rules for incorporated associations have recently come into effect in Victoria (November 18, 2023) and will soon come into effect in the ACT (February 1, 2024).

The changes cover financial reporting thresholds, changes to fee structures, conflict of interest and grievance procedures, virtual meeting attendance rules, clarification of committee member roles and guidance on delegation of authority within a committee or board's membership.

Some of the changes apply only to organisations using the model rules rather than those who draft their own rules (providing that the drafted rules are consistent with the intent of the Act and regulations).

At the national level, changes to the Sex Discrimination Act places greater responsibility on organisations to take a proactive approach to managing psychological risk, in line with their existing responsibilities in relation to physical risk.

How is your organisation affected by these changes? This webinar will provide a broad overview of the changes, suggest a plan of action to ensure compliance, and direct participants to useful resources. Participants will have the opportunity to ask ICDA’s expert trainer their own questions about the changes.

This webinar will take place live:

Thursday February 1, 2024.

Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Canberra: 12.30–1pm
Adelaide: Noon–12.30pm
Brisbane: 11.30am–noon
Darwin: 11–11.30am
Perth: 9.30–10am


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