Unlock the Power of Advocacy: Top Government Engagement Strategies for Community Directors

Date: 19 Mar 2024

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In the ever-evolving landscape of Australian community organisations, understanding and mastering government engagement is an essential skill for community directors. Join us on March 19, 2024, for an insightful webinar presented by Tanck co-founder and Executive Director Angus Crowther and Tanck Senior Associate, Rory Parker, who will share invaluable strategies for effective advocacy.

Key Takeaways:

1. The Five Key Stakeholder Groups: Learn to navigate the complex structures of government by identifying and engaging with crucial stakeholders, including The Executive, MPs, Departments, Central Agencies, and Political Parties. Tailor your approach to resonate with their values and interests.

2. WIFM (What's In It For Me?): Explore perspective-taking to enhance your advocacy. Delve into the priorities of political stakeholders, align your objectives with theirs, and establish common ground to gain support.

3. KISS (Keep it Super Simple): Discover the art of brevity in communication. Craft impactful messages that resonate, considering that letters to Ministers are often seen by numerous individuals. Simplify complex ideas and ensure your message is clear, concise, and influential.

4. Electorate and Postcodes: Understand the power of local influence. Speak the language of MPs by presenting data specific to their electorates—highlight the impact of your organisation on local communities to capture their attention and support.

5. Embedding and Monitoring Engagement Strategy:
Go beyond mere strategy creation. Explore the importance of actively monitoring and embedding your government engagement plan into your organisational framework. Keep a proactive eye on potential threats and opportunities in the political landscape.

6. Advocacy Fundamentals for 2024: Brace yourself for a politically charged year with upcoming elections and budgetary shifts. Gain insights into positioning your community organisation to leverage these opportunities and navigate the dynamic political climate.

This webinar is available as a recording.


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Angus Crowther – Co Founder and Executive Director

A co-founding Director of Tanck, Angus brings with him a significant understanding of the political process and executive functions of government. Having worked directly to minsters as a policy and political advisor, Angus understands the inner workings of government decision making and brings this knowledge and understanding with him to every engagement.

Angus spent the better part of his ministerial career working within the social portfolios of education, communities, disability services and seniors, as well as being an advisor within an economic super portfolio covering infrastructure, agriculture, trade, and tourism. In these portfolios he worked on small grants schemes through to major infrastructure programs and bilateral agreements of more than $4billion. Angus also spent time working through the process for State budget bids as well as bilateral agreements between the States and Commonwealth governments, often liaising directly with parliamentarians from government and the opposition.

Since leaving politics, Angus has worked with a variety of social sector and purpose-led organisations and leaders, supporting them to create and embed systems for effective government engagement and advocacy. Angus has experience supporting clients in every state and jurisdiction in Australia, having helped clients achieve sector firsts in the delivery of ministerial policy statements through to improved funding certainty and associated outcomes. Underpinning these successes is Angus’ ability to connect with people, understand their mission, and work alongside them to accomplish their goals and objectives.

A proud member and advocate of the LGBTIQ+ community, Angus was Co-Convenor of Rainbow Labor in Queensland before making the move to Sydney. Angus’ personal journey, coupled with his experience working in social portfolios supporting marginalised and disadvantaged Australians, engendered within him a deep and enduring sense of compassion and empathy. Angus is driven by these experiences and is highly motivated by the work he does to support the important social and societal change being driven by his clients.

Tanck was the next step in Angus’ desire to play a part in contributing to a better future; by empowering social sector and purpose-led leaders to better compete with the lobbyists and private interests that occupy the corridors of power.

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Rory Parker – Senior Associate

Rory brings a diverse and creative skillset to his role at Tanck, with a focus on values-driven policy and people-led campaigns. He joins Tanck after working for a number of years in the political realm, as an Advisor in Federal Parliament, as well as recently as a Policy Advisor for a senior state government Minister.

Rory has worked across a diverse range of Ministerial portfolio areas - tending to complex policy matters, overseeing major infrastructure projects, and supporting the roll-out of small grant schemes. Through this experience, he has a strong knowledge of the structures and processes of government, as well as how to effectively engage with politicians, political staffers, and bureaucrats.

Rory understands how to navigate a complex media landscape and develops strategies across multiple channels to achieve proactive media, or to manage crises and mitigate risk. He draws on his broad comprehension of framing, communication, and political messaging to build campaigns and amplify brands.

With a decade’s worth of political campaigning experience - as a volunteer, as a staffer, and as a campaign manager - Rory knows what political candidates, major parties, and governments want from organisations and how to best deliver it.

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