Webinar: What help is the government giving not-for-profits?

Date: 16 Apr 2020

Covid19 australia

In light of COVID-19, many business are faced with economic challenges. BDO recognises that there has been a lot of information published by the Government and other bodies regarding the various measures available to not-for-profits and other business.

In this session, BDO will focus on the Government measures which are designed to assist organisations in surviving the COVID-19 epidemic. During this session the BDO presenters will focus on the Cash Boost Scheme, Job Keeper payments and relevant State-based initiatives in Victoria and New South Wales. Specifically, BDO will provide attendees with an overview of these measures and provide details on what the relief can mean for your business and most importantly, what you should do to access these concessions.

Lastly, BDO recognises that cash and cash-flow planning is critical for businesses to re-emerge post COVID-19 and have developed an easy-to-use cash-flow management tool. During this session, BDO will provide an overview of the virtual workshop delivered by BDO’s leading Financial Educators, which teaches you how to build a weekly cash flow forecast specifically for your business. Interested participants will be able to register and attend an online seminar, which will demonstrate how to use an online cash flow tool that calculates PAYG Cash Boost benefits and Job Keeper Subsidy to predict how much cash the business has for the next 90 days.

This Webinar took place live on:

Thursday, April 16, 2020 from 1pm to 1.30pm AEST

Missed it? Don't worry! You can find a copy of the recording below.



Presenting from BDO:

Fiona Ward
Partner, Business Services
Cam Cengiz
Manager, Business Services
Tanya Titman
Partner, Financial Education

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