Leading for Transformation

AUGUST 28–29, 2024

Leading for Transformation

Hone your leadership skills, access great tools and connect with other leaders

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Leading for Transformation is an online 2-day program that will equip leaders with the skills, knowledge, tools and connections required to take the next big step in their leadership journey.

Leaders who want to get more done need to start doing less.

But when you're so used to doing the doing, it can be difficult to take a step back and start leading.

Leading for Transformation provides space for middle and senior managers to lift their gaze and look at the big picture.

Over two days, we'll be bringing together leaders from across Australia, via Zoom, to hone their leadership skills and explore what it truly means to lead.

Program participants will be guided by ICDA's expert trainers through the following topics:

In this module we’ll explore various leadership models and reflect on which model aligns with your leadership style or the kind of leader you aspire to be. This module will help you to understand how your team members respond to leadership and how to empower and inspire them.

This module will focus on how to keep sight of the big picture while you’re in the midst of everyday operational work, including how to work with the board. We’ll explore delegation tools and look at how you can use your leadership to motivate others and increase capacity within your organisation.

In this module we’ll look at the benefits and challenges that come with organisational change and reflect on our individual responses to change. We’ll discuss how effective leadership can support people through resistance and blockages, and explore the tools that help leaders to navigate change.

This module explores organisational culture and its impact on strategy. What is culture? How do we protect or adapt it to drive rather than block strategic plans? Participants will explore how to create a culture that supports and rewards learning and innovation.

In this module we’ll look at how to be an ethical leader and cultivate ethical practices within the team and the organisation. As leaders, we are required to make decisions that protect our people and our organisation, so how do we ensure we are also protecting our ethics? Participants will leave with a greater understanding of ethical behaviour and decision making, and increased confidence as effective and ethical leaders.

Good leadership requires good self-awareness. This module focuses on you as an individual, and as a leader. What drives you? What do others see in you? What gives you energy and how do you recognise the signs of stress so you can avoid burnout? We’ll share tips, strategies and tools to support your health along your leadership journey so you can thrive as a leader.

Participants will work alongside other leaders and have the opportunity to connect with professionals in their sector.

The course includes a personality test, leadership materials, a 45-minute one-on-one debrief with a career development coach who will help you to absorb the information you've learned and to make plans to put your new knowledge into action.

Key details

Leading for Transformation takes place over two full days (9.15am–4.30pm) on Wednesday August 28 and Thursday August 29, 2024. It will be held online via Zoom.

Wednesday 28 August Thursday 29 August
Meet your fellow leaders Leadership through strategy and culture
Leadership theory Leadership and yourself
Leadership and management Leading through change
Leadership and ethics Next on your leadership journey

Registration costs $1,490. This includes access to the entire two days of learning, all learning materials, a personality test, and a 45-minute one-on-one debrief with a leadership coach.

Special early bird pricing is available! Register before 11.59pm AEST, 30 June 2024 and receive 20% off the price of your studies.

Meet the team

Nina Latalia
Nina Laitala
Training Lead, ICDA
Staley Jon circle
Jon Staley
Trainer, ICDA
Celeste Tramonte
Career and Workplace Coach

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