Complete Community Fundraising Handbook

Complete Community Fundraising Handbook

ISBN: 1876976233

Total pages: 107


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The Complete Community Fundraising Handbook offers advice aimed at improving your community organisation's fundraising efforts and will allow you to take control of your fundraising activities. Learn practical strategies, tools and next steps to gain more money for your community organisation.

What's inside?

  • The Our Community Fundraising Formula
  • Laying the Foundations
    • The mission statement
    • The strategic plan
    • The business plan
    • The marketing plan
    • The fundraising action plan
    • Fundraising ethics
    • The database
    • Building relationships
    • Learning to sell yourself
  • The First Pillar: Donations
    • Major gifts - the mice and the buffalo
    • Direct appeals
    • Online donations
    • Planned giving
    • Bequests
    • One-off donations
    • Saying thanks
  • The Second Pillar: Grants
    • The types of grants
    • Finding the right grant
    • Which one do I go for?
    • Writing a winning application
    • Reporting
  • The Third Pillar: Community-Business Partnerships
    • Partnership models
    • CSR and CRM
    • Finding a partnership
    • Narrowing down the list
    • Making the approach
    • Starting the partnership
    • Building on your partnership
  • The Fourth Pillar: Memberships/Alumni/Friends
    • What are you going to offer?
    • Membership fees
    • Finding new members
    • Getting your house in order
    • Making it attractive
  • The Fifth Pillar: Special Events
    • What type of event is right for you?
    • The importance of budgeting
    • Planning for risk
    • Are you really ready for a special event?
    • Building on your event
    • Marketing your special event
  • The Sixth Pillar: Earned Income
    • Charging for what you do
    • Charging for what you have
    • Sales to the public
  • The Seventh Pillar: Crowdfunding
    • Preparation
    • Plugging
    • Afterwards

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