Effective Letters

Effective Letters

ISBN: 1876976225

Total pages: 145


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50 of the Best Model Letters to Help Community Organisations Fundraise, Connect, Lobby, Organise & Influence

Letter writing is an important instrument for a community organisation to have in its toolbox. With this book, that tool becomes sharper and multifaceted. Effective Letters provides 50 templates and a multitude of ideas that will assist you to improve your letter writing skills, marketing, and data storage and use. It provides tips on personalising your correspondence, increasing its impact and effectiveness. This is a 'must have' resource for any community group.

What's inside?

  • Part One - Fundraising Letters
  • Public Appeals via Direct Mail
  • Large Donors
  • Community-Business Partnerships
  • Letters to Grantmakers
  • Letters of Thanks
  • Part Two - Letters For The Cause
  • Getting your Message Out
  • Making Use of the Media
  • Part Three - General Correspondence
  • Letters to the Members
  • Board Letters
  • Special Events
  • Complaints

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