Help Sheet: Artificial intelligence and governance frameworks

Artificial intelligence (AI) has enormous potential to benefit community organisations. However, its use also brings risks. Boards are responsible for being aware of these risks and managing them, in relation to their own decision-making processes and in relation to the organisation’s use of AI generally. Boards should be aware of the limitations and potential biases of AI-generated content and should always draw on human expertise and ethics as well as AI when making AI-assisted decisions. To mitigate risks, community boards should establish clear guidelines for the use of AI systems, ensuring human oversight, fact-checking procedures, transparency in decision-making processes, and ethical considerations.

An AI governance framework can guide the board’s response to the opportunities and risks that come with AI and thus keep the organisation from falling behind or falling into danger.

Download our help sheet on artificial intelligence and governance frameworks to learn about about the 10 governance principles you should keep in mind when considering the use of AI at your organisation, and to find a template AI and governance framework.

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