Probation Review



Every workplace is different, and employees work much better when they have clear goals and expectations.

The objective of monthly reviews during the 3-month probationary period is to keep communication flowing and address any concerns, teething problems, training or accountability issues and provide clarity on priorities, early rather than leaving everything to the end of the 3-month probationary period.

Employees will feel more positive and focused about their contribution - this leads to a happier, more settled employee and a productive workplace.


The purpose of this meeting is for the new employee and the manager to discuss the past weeks and highlight any areas that may need clarification or to be addressed.

Typical examples might include:

  • Planning - or lack of
  • Communication
  • Positive attitude
  • Work load
  • Expectations and deliverables
  • Training
  • Retention
  • Presentation
  • Follow through
  • Attention to detail
  • Adherence to Deadlines

The employee will have an opportunity to communicate how they feel they are performing within the guidelines given for the role. The meeting will provide the opportunity to discuss what areas of work and the team they are enjoying, what areas if any, are proving difficult, expectations and accountability. This is also an ideal time for the new employee to articulate whether the role is as depicted during the interview process.

The Manager will then give feedback on how the team member is performing against expectations and document Action Plans if required.


  • Book a meeting time and advise the team member of the meeting and the purpose. Allow approximately 30-45 minutes.
  • Clarify their perception on the accuracy of the depiction of the role, during the interview process. "Is the role as we described?"
  • Invite team member to talk about their role covering the above, talk about issues they may have and any improvements that they have made. (Document issues or concerns raised and come back to them at the close.)
  • The manager gives feedback on performance. (Highlight any relevant issues with examples if possible)
  • Discuss any issues raised (Document specific actions or outcomes)
  • If appropriate discuss any training interventions and identify expectations for the next few months.
  • It is important to include expected milestones against each responsibility in the Job Description for the probation period.
  • Advise an appropriate date to revisit the above and review the second/third month. End meeting positively

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