Certified Community Director: FAQs

How do I resume my studies?

To resume your studies please head to https://training.communitydirectors.com.au and login to your account.

What is a self-pace course?

A self-paced course means you can complete your studies in your own time and schedule. You can proceed from one topic or segment to the next at your speed without any time limit.

What do the different units cover exactly?

All unit information can be found here: https://training.communitydirectors.com.au/certified-community-director

What is your booking and refunds policy?

You can find our bookings and refunds policy here: https://communitydirectors.com.au/uploads/general/CCD-Booking-and-Refunds-Policy.pdf

Why won't this work on my computer?

We understand that some people are having difficulties accessing the course on Safari. We are working to resolve the issue. In the meantime, you may like to try using a different browser. We recommend trying Chrome, which is free to download, or Microsoft Edge, also free to download. We also understand some have had troubles using phone or tablet. If these steps do not help, please reach out at [email protected].

How will I be assessed?

In order to be assessed, you will be required to complete each chapter of each unit. This will include responding to questions, completing quizzes, and other interactive elements.

How long does each unit take to complete?

Each unit takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete.

Once I have enrolled, is the access to the units time limited? 

There is no time limit on any of the components of the course, meaning you can pause and restart your course at any time and at your own pace.  

Is this designed for beginner level, intermediate or advanced?

The course has been designed to suit an intermediate level. This course will provide the key information all board members should know to effectively fulfill their roles and responsibilities as well as prompts to enhance and extend your governance practice.

How will the Certified Community Director’s course assist me with future board appointments?

This course will assist with future board appointments through enabling you to participate fully in discussions regarding finances, strategy, communications, change management, funding and key governance questions relating to legal responsibilities and constitutional issues.

What sort of Boards would accept / require this training?

Community boards which are interested in ensuring their board members are adequately trained to take on the legal and ethical responsibilities of being on board would welcome board members who have completed this course.

How does the Certified Community Director’s course compare to the advanced Diploma of Governance?

The Diploma, costing $4,500 or $3,500 if you apply for a scholarship and are successful, takes 6-12 months to complete and includes 6 online tutorials and 12 units with assessments. The Diploma course is applied learning, meaning that you will learn theory and put it into practice regarding your own board, pressure testing this with your student cohort and trainers, with a textbook to keep and refer to when you are on your boards in the future.

The online, self-paced Certified Community Directors course enables you to learn theory at your own pace, it does not include tutorials, applied learning, access to trainers or a textbook. It encourages you to apply the theory through scenarios and case studies, and with your own board.

I have completed the Diploma of Governance. Can I get credits for this course?

While both courses cover similar key concepts, content from the Certified Community Director course is applied in a different way, meaning we are unable to offer any credit.

What credentials will I receive?

A micro-credential certificate is awarded through our online learning management system to all who complete each of the seven units. You can share these certificates on your LinkedIn profile. Click here to learn how.

Upon completion of all seven units, learners are to be awarded a full Certified Community Director credential.

I have completed all seven units of the Certified Community Director’s course. How will I access my credential?

At the end of each of the seven units you will be prompted to submit your details for the Certified Community Director credential. Certificates are awarded in the final week of each month.

I want to revisit some of the course content. Can I download the slides?

Aside from the additional resources provided with the course, the content cannot be downloaded. However, you can revisit the course's content as many times as you need, even after completing any unit. To do do, simply click here to log back into the e-learning platform.

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