Building Stronger Communities, One Headline at a Time

Building Stronger Communities, One Headline at a Time

ISBN: 9781876976620

Total pages: 159


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This book is a collection of opinion pieces written by Our Community's founder and group managing director, Denis Moriarty.

The articles in this collection were first published between July 2018 and July 2021 in more than 170 regional and suburban newspapers across Australia, through an agreement between Our Community and Australian Community Media.

Mastheads as geographically diverse as The Bendigo Advertiser, Canberra Times, Jimboomba Times, Illawarra Mercury, Armidale Express, Katherine Times, Naracoorte Herald, Augusta-Margaret River Mail and Launceston Examiner are among the 170-plus publications to carry Denis Moriarty's opinion pieces to every corner of Australia.

In this collection, the articles are organised into chapters based on the Our Community Manifesto and other principles that guide the way Our Community works.

What's inside?

  • We believe in the power of the community sector
  • We believe in equality
  • We build stronger communities
  • Regional Australia - Our Community, many communities
  • We ignite and accelerate. We convene and connect.
  • We strive for fairness.
  • We question authority.
  • We strive for revolution.
  • Ethics, inspiration and innovation are at our core.
  • We are driven by our mission to inspire and transform giving in Australia.

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