Meetings with a Mission: The complete guide to meetings for your community group

Meetings with a Mission: The complete guide to meetings for your community group

ISBN: 9781876976712

Total pages: 93


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If the Board can be considered the mind of a community group, the meetings are the heart. This is where all major decisions are made and the Board comes together as a group to steer the organisation towards its mission.

Meetings with a Mission is your guide to overcoming the challenges and complexities that arise in meetings and make them more effective and productive.

What's inside?

  • Introduction: Why Meetings?
  • Style and function
  • Before the meeting
    • The agenda
    • The minutes
    • The meeting papers
    • The mail-out
  • The Chair's Meeting
    • The powers of the Chair
    • The functions of the Chair
  • The Secretary's Meeting
    • The venue
    • Building the agenda
    • Subcommittee reports
    • The treasurer's report
    • Supporting documents
    • Minute-taking
  • The Treasurer's Meeting
    • Planning the budget
    • Monitoring the budget
    • Risk management
  • The Member's Meeting
    • Debating
    • Questioning
    • Speaking
    • Voting
  • The Staff Member's Meeting
    • Status in the meeting
    • Function in the meeting
  • Meetings: The Bad News
    • Malcontents
    • Dominants
    • No-shows
    • Bureaucrats and outlaws
    • Passengers
  • The online meeting
    • The technology
    • Basic requirements
    • Additional features and considerations
    • The rules
    • Preparation
    • Notification
    • Signing in (registration)
    • Meeting papers
    • Security
    • AGMs
  • After the Meeting
    • Paperwork
    • Tasks
    • Next meeting
  • The Board's Meeting: The Board View
    • Strategy
    • Oversight
    • Renewal
  • Ten quick ways to improve board meetings

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