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The Diploma of Business (Governance)
 Course Brochure (PDF) 
What you'll learn

For too long, not-for-profit board members and their supporters have put up with a second-rate reputation and second-rate education. Not anymore.

The Diploma of Business (Governance) - BSB50715 - is Australia's only currently approved diploma-level governance qualification. This qualification is recognised nationally and will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to sit on or work with boards at the highest level.

The content for the Diploma of Business (Governance) has been contextualised by the Institute of Community Directors Australia, an Our Community enterprise, and is delivered on behalf of Federation Training.

Our alliance with Federation Training ensures the academic rigour required for a qualification of this level and provides wonderful opportunities for participants to enjoy enhanced employment opportunities, access to higher-level governance roles, and pathways to further study nationally and overseas.

In a nod to the importance of technology to today's board members, Diploma participants also have access to the Institute of Community Directors Australia's extensive suite of online governance resources, both through a pre-loaded iPad (provided as part of the course) and full access to the Institute of Community Directors website through a special membership offering for all enrollees.

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