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The Institute of Community Directors Australia (ICDA) is offering a Diploma of Governance designed for the board members of Australian not-for-profit boards and committees, and the CEOs and other senior staff who work alongside them.

ICDA is an enterprise of Our Community, which has been delivering high-quality, practical governance training and support for the Australian not-for-profit sector for more than two decades.

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To be accepted for this course, you must:

  1. Complete the Course Application form below, which will help us gauge your motivation, interest, academic capacity, and English language skills, as well as your governance, community, business and/or life experience
  2. Have the time and motivation to participate fully and actively in all aspects of the course
  3. Have the ability to engage with all components of the course, including access to a computer with a good internet connection and modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc) from the first day of the course
  4. Have a commitment to transferring knowledge gained to a not-for-profit/community organisation

Boards that are more diverse tend to be more effective. Therefore, it stands to reason we want this course to be inclusive, and for our students to reflect the broad spectrum of skills and backgrounds that are found across the Australian community.

If you feel our entry requirements present an unreasonable barrier to entry for you, call us on
03 9320 6810
or email us at [email protected]. We will do our best to accommodate your request and help you achieve your goals.

Please note – Our experience has shown that participants who are currently working with or sitting on a board gain the greatest benefit from this course. If you are not on a board, we encourage you to join one as soon as possible (preferably before your course begins), as this will help you apply the theoretical concepts we cover to real-world contexts.

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