Student support

As a student of the Institute of Community Directors Australia, you have access to a range of resources to help you in your studies.

If you need support, it is important that you seek it as soon as you need it. (Don’t wait until things get too big!)

Depending on what you need, you may wish to contact your trainer directly, or alternatively contact the admin staff. In either case you can send a message through the Student Portal.

Unit or Assessment Support

Contact your trainer

If you have any questions or issues related to the units or assessments, your trainer is your first point of contact. You can contact them via the portal on the My Dashboard page, or via the Message Centre pages (accessed via the portal's black menu bar on the left), where you will see a blue Ask your trainer about button.

The drop-down menu in the message box will allow you to choose which unit your query relates to or, “Other” for a more general inquiry. Any message you write will be sent via email to your trainer, who will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

Use the Student Discussion Board

Sometimes issues or queries to do with your understanding could be solved via the Student Discussion Board. In fact, your query and need for clarification could be something that others share, and if you address it via the discussion board, it can be a learning experience for all. You can do this via the Start New Discussion Topic button.

You can choose a particular unit your question or “topic” is related to, or leave that part blank for more general comments or queries. Feel free to ask your fellow students what they think about an idea, but be sure to follow the Discussion Board guidelines. If you are concerned about anything posted on the Student Discussion Board please contact us ASAP on 03 9320 6800.

Attend our monthly student support session

At the Institute of Community Directors Australia, we believe that one of the steps towards building stronger communities is simple: get together, ask questions, and engage with one another.

With this in mind and as part of your Diploma of Governance journey, we organise monthly online get togethers for all students currently enrolled. In these informal Zoom sessions, you’ll get the chance to meet some of the team behind the Institute of Community Directors Australia, as well as fellow students. This is the time to come prepared with your best questions about assessments, admin or governance in general, hear other students’ questions, and contribute with some thoughts of your own.

To register for the next student support session, please click here.

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