Growing Gender Equity Through Governance

Brought to you by The Institute of Community Directors Australia, with support from the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Office for Women

Growing Gender Equity Through Governance has been established to provide governance training and support to build the confidence and leadership capacity of women involved in the community sector.

Our aim is to help women across Australia take on a leadership role within their communities with specific emphasis on engaging women from regional and rural areas and women from backgrounds traditionally under-represented in governance and leadership.

Participating women will receive ongoing professional and peer support, and will be encouraged and equipped to reach for leadership positions, including a role as a Chair.

The training program is focussed on regional Australia with face-to-to face training located in key regional centres, and online training available for additional women in every state and territory.

The governance training will open the door for participants to undertake further training encouraging lifelong education.

We will facilitate peer networks to further connect and empower women and their communities building a powerful alumnus of empowered and educated women representing rural, regional and marginalised communities across Australia. Participants will benefit not only from the training but from the facilitated connection with other participants.

Whole of Australia session

Have you missed out on your chance to participate in this program? We have one more opportunity for you to join us. This 2-hour session is your last opportunity to learn all about whether becoming a community director is right for you, how to get on a board, and how to excel in your role.

All participants will receive access to additional resources and information, an alumni program, ongoing discounted training opportunities, and a one-year free ICDA membership. Find out more information on what's available by clicking here.

Online workshops for participants from every state and territory

Face-to-face workshops in selected regional areas across Australia

We plan to deliver face-to-face training workshops in regional areas across Australia during 2021-22 (pivoting to other locations/online in response to COVID as needed).

Free ICDA membership for all workshop and online participants

All registrants will be signed up for ICDA membership after each session.

Receive ‘responsible person’ status

ICDA members agree to be bound by our Community Directors Code of Ethics and Conduct. In doing so, members are recognised by the ATO as responsible persons, for the duration of their membership.


Members will be provided with downloadable image assets and a membership certificate to allow them to signal their involvement in this professional body on digital platforms. Members may also use the post-nominal MICDA and download a membership certificate to signal their involvement in this professional body. Further post-nominals are available to members who go on to complete our Diploma of Governance. Further information about post-nominals is available in the Diploma of Governance FAQ.

Access news, information and thought leadership

Boost members’ confidence (and competence) as not-for-profit leaders through an exclusive quarterly lecture series and publication, featuring high-profile national and international thought leaders addressing a wide range of relevant and important topics.

Policy Bank update alerts

Members have access to more than 70 templated policies which are regularly reviewed by reviewed by our legal partners, Maddocks. Members receive exclusive notifications when legal changes are made to major governance, human resources, financial management, values and communications policies in the Policy Bank, or when a new policy is added.

Alumni Program

Women who participate in our program will join an alumnus of empowered and educated women representing rural, regional and marginalised communities across Australia.

Participants will benefit not only from the training but from the facilitated connection with other participants across the nation. The course will foster cross-pollination of communities building partnerships and relationships for collective empowerment and change.

Growing Gender Equity Through Governance is a step towards remedying the deficit of women in decision making positions. The training and associated alumni activities will increase participants' capability and confidence to step into leadership roles benefiting themselves and their communities.

After you have attended a training workshop, please stay connected:

  1. Make the most of your ICDA membership. Member Login
  2. Join Not-for-profit Happy Hour on Facebook and start posting
  3. Choose a "friendtor" and get one-to-one support from another group member. Friendtorship can last up to 10 weeks (details will be provided during your workshop)
  4. Find a board position
  5. Participate in networking events and additional training (details will be sent to you via email)
  6. Plus you'll have access to the books and ongoing training offers

Ongoing Training Opportunities

The governance training will open the door for participants to undertake further training encouraging lifelong education. Participants can access future training at a 25% discount and those interested in progressing to the Diploma of Governance would be guaranteed a $1000 Diploma scholarship in future rounds.

Participants will receive information about all ongoing training opportunities via email as opportunities arise.

25% discount for future training options

  • Webinars: standard price is $80 | Alumni price is $60 (save $20)
  • Compact Courses: standard price is $55 | Alumni price is $41.25 (save $13.75)
  • Communities in Control: online ticket price is $295 | Alumni price is $221.25 (save $73.75)

$1000 Diploma part-scholarship

Ready to progress your not-for-profit career? You will be guaranteed a $1000 part-scholarship to complete the acclaimed ICDA Diploma of Governance.

The ICDA Diploma of Governance began in 2014 as a VET-accredited course aligned to the Australian Qualifications Framework. In 2020, the Australian Skills Quality Authority decided to remove the course from the national curriculum, despite this being the only Diploma-level course specifically designed for the not-for-profit sector. The course is now accredited by ICDA, which is an Our Community enterprise that’s dedicated to meeting the real-world needs of the Australian not-for-profit sector. The fact that the course has its origins in the Australian Qualifications Framework but is now decoupled from it gives students access to the best of both worlds: assurance of the high quality of the course structure and content, without the rigidity or bureaucracy.

The full cost of the Diploma is $4,500, comprising enrolment, assessment and administration. Scholarship recipients will need to arrange payment of the remaining fee of $3,500.

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