Our top 50 help sheets of 2022

Posted on 14 Dec 2022

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Our Community and the Institute of Community Directors Australia (ICDA) have produced a huge library of help sheets for not-for-profits since 2000.

Offering practical, no-bullshit information and advice, the help sheets are frequently updated to address the issues of the day. Here are the 50 most-viewed help sheets of 2022.

  1. Legal requirements for AGMs
  2. The role of the treasurer
  3. Board members and what they do
  4. The CEO and the board
  5. Overview of board meetings
  6. Overview of your board responsibilities
  7. Business planning for not-for-profits
  8. Board and staff relationships
  9. Overview of your legal responsibilities
  10. FAQs about your not-for-profit’s AGM
  11. How to take your AGM online
  12. Dealing with difficult board members
  13. Common characteristics of a dysfunctional board
  14. Handling conflicts of interest
  15. Types of insurance an organisation needs
  16. Board liability and negligence
  17. Board committees
  18. Constitutions
  19. Understanding travel expenses
  20. Why boards need more women
  21. Making your exit
  22. The main areas of risk for not-for-profits
  23. Incorporated associations: What you need to know
  24. The role of the board in risk management
  25. Developing an effective induction process
  26. Assets Register: What you need to know
  27. Modern governance and community groups
  28. CEO remuneration
  29. Navigating the key documents
  30. Drawing up a code of ethics
  31. Compiling a board manual
  32. Recruiting new board members
  33. Starting a not-for-profit organisation
  34. Finding a community board that’s right for you
  35. Tips for the chair
  36. Questions every not-for-profit board should ask about the finances
  37. Strategic planning: an overview
  38. Understanding unincorporated associations
  39. Ten questions every board director needs to ask about measuring outcomes
  40. Ten questions every board director needs to ask about the board’s director payment policy
  41. Help sheet: It’s time to act to save our volunteers
  42. Financial management and your community group
  43. Financial sustainability indicators
  44. Becoming a more accountable, transparent and consultative board
  45. Winding up a not-for-profit organisation
  46. Meeting etiquette
  47. Tips for developing and using policies
  48. Not-for-profit companies
  49. Finding new board members
  50. Establishing a fundraising strategy

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