Sector inquiries: process or progress?

Posted on 08 Jul 2024

By Greg Thom, journalist, Institute of Community Directors Australia

Comm advocate podcasts audio

Podcast: In our latest Community Advocate podcast, Opposition Charities spokesman Dean Smith provides his take on the multiple inquiries currently underway into the charity, NFP and community sector.

These include:

Senator Smith said while he was supportive of tackling the big issues in the sector, he questioned whether the multiple probes would result in real change.

“My concern at the moment is that there has been a lot of emphasis on process but not enough emphasis on outcome,” said Senator Smith.

“When I think about (three major inquiries) we’re going to get into a situation very quickly that we would have been talking around many similar and familiar issues, but people won’t be able to point to anything that has actually changed.”

Listen to the full interview with Senator Smith below.

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